Here you can watch amazing 4K size comparisons of the entire universe with awesome effects, impressive animation and satisfying timelines with nice effects and animation.

My rendering and editing skills are always improving, so my new videos are getting better and better over time.

• Every sunday new video;

• Every year new annual size comparison, containing of a few parts, first one is always uploaded on 1th January;

• Every year an every-day-video week - 7 videos in 7 days

My newest videos are rendered in Bryce and Blender, edited in Adobe After Effects


  • Subscribers in 2016: 70%
  • Subscribers in 2017: 511%
  • Subscribers in 2018: 111042%
  • Subscribers in 2019: 260195%

I started my channel over 3 years ago: on 19 of November 2016. On 20th of November, I uploaded my first video. Back then, I didn't know any 3D programs, and my videos were basically 2D slideshows. In August 2017 I uploaded the first 3D video. Later, in June 2018 I uploaded first 4K video. The Size Comparison 2019 was the first video to be not only 4K, but also 60FPS.

Now, all my videos are in 4K and 60FPS.


Most of my videos are rendered in Blender, some are rendered in Bryce. All of my videos are edited in Adobe After Effects with the Optical Flares plugin

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All my videos are edited in Adobe After Effects


As you can guess, rendering my videos requires a powerful computer. It needs powerful processor and GPU, and of course a lot of RAM.

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My hardware are two PCs - one with Ryzen 9 _ & RTX 2070 and one with i5 7500 & Radeon RX 560. I have 32 gb RAM in each computer..


Stages of making a video (Size Comparison 2020).



If you have any questions about my videos or want to suggest an idea for a future one, let me know!.